Andalucia / Spain Challenge

PRIZE 2018

The 2018 prize description will follow soon. Discover what the 2017 ESNC Andalucia Challenge offered to participants!

The Andalucía Regional Prize has the objective to promote innovative business and technical ideas supported by satellite navigation systems. In this field, the organisation will especially promote projects focus on smart city applications.

The winner or winning team will receive:

  • A cash prize of EUR 3,000 to invest in the winning business idea (and two cash prizes of EUR 1,000 for the two top runners-up)
  • A mentoring programme and leadership course by the University of Málaga (worth EUR 2,000)

The top-three selected projects will get offered a complete 12-month incubation programme at one of the incubators of Promálaga or Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) [Andalucia Technology Park].

This will include the following services:

  • Business coaching and training
  • IPR and patent consulting
  • Access to experts
  • Access to public funding or venture capital

In this way, the winner and runners-up will receive startup assistance to develop an early stage company, get access to seed capital and training thanks to a mentoring network, infrastructural support, and intensive consulting. The objective is to accompany the entrepreneurs through the development phases – maturation, financing, and implementation – of their winning ideas.

The first winner will get a travel grant (covering the travel and accommodation expenses) to attend to the ESNC Awards Ceremony 2017 and will be considered for the ESNC overall prize.


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  • Region
    Andalucia / Spain

    Make your city smarter with satellite navigation and the ESNC Andalucía Regional Challenge!

    Andalucía has eight provinces (Málaga, Granada, Almería, Jaén, Córdoba, Sevilla, Huelva and Cádiz). Having a mostly warm Mediterranean climate, with dry, hot summers and mild winters, Andalucía is characterised by the diversity of its landscapes, from the snow mountains of Sierra Nevada, to the desert of Tabernas, the marshes of Doñana or the dense forests of Cazorla.

    The modern region offers a well-developed infrastructure: gateway between Africa, Europe and America, it has five international airports with daily connections to a large number of destinations around the world. High-speed trains link its main cities (Sevilla, Cordoba and Málaga) with Madrid and Barcelona.

    The region offers a huge market with multinational production centres.  Currently, more than 2,000 foreign companies have established branch offices in the region. It is also a pole for innovation and entrepreneurship, being the hotspot of top companies in tourism, services, agriculture and technology. With a profound cultural heritage and an extensive high-education system, including ten public universities and multiple private centres, Andalucía it is also a region of culture and education.

  • Regional Organisers
    University of Malaga (UMA)

    The University of Malaga (UMA), founded in 1972, is a public institution responsible for the higher education as public service, through teaching, study and research having more than 2,300 teaching positions and 39,000 students. It has also a long history of collaboration with international companies, particularly in the technological sector.

    Together with the University of Seville, it forms the International Campus of Excellence (ICE) Andalucía TECH. The objective of Andalucía TECH is to promote excellence in education, research, knowledge transfer and in the campus environment. To do this, the ICE performs different actions in close cooperation with prestigious foreign research institutions and with the main regional economic development organisations. Andalucía TECH aspires to go beyond providing training in professional skills, but to form future community leaders of the society and the Andalusian economy; with a critical and entrepreneurial spirit. All of this is done in the heart of a cultural, accessible, healthy, conciliatory and fully committed campus.


    Promálaga is a development and business promotion agency dedicated to job, wealth and welfare creation in the city of Malaga, guided by the promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit, business drive, and investment in technologicy.

    The initiative offers a creative and cultural technology incubator network providing space for the development of ideas and projects in the areas of innovation and urban technology.

    Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA)

    The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) [Andalucía Technology Park], located in Málaga, is an ideal high-quality location to set up SMEs and large businesses that are innovative, respectful of the environment and geared towards manufacturing, advanced services and R+D.

    The Technology Park is located in exceptional natural surroundings and equipped with infrastructures and advanced services of the highest quality, in which an optimum balance between large multinationals, university institutions and small and innovative companies has been reached. The park caters to everyone’s needs, offering everything from offices of > 25 square metres for rent to buildings measuring thousands of square metres and plots from 2,500 square metres.

  • E-GNSS Accelerator Partner
    European Commission

    The prize pool is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Grow. The aim of the “E-GNSS Accelerator” is to foster the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS and high technologies in EU28, the EEA and ENP countries.

    The prize pool is co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Grow. The aim of the “E-GNSS Accelerator” is to foster the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS and high technologies in EU28, the EEA and ENP countries.


University of Malaga
Ms Raquel Barco Moreno
+34 952131064