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The ESNC annually offers prizes worth more than EUR 1.3 Mio, comprising both cash and in-kind services tailored to help you boost your business. As participant, you choose the regional challenge that would best support your business case from currently 20 partner regions worldwide: Submitting your idea also for a Special Prize offers you one main advantage without taking additional time: You double your chances to benefit from business and technical support, cash prizes and increased marketing from ESNC partners The ESNC Overall Winner is being selected from among all Regional and Special Prize winners during the International Evaluation Meeting in autumn.
In addition, the TOP 10 winners will be eligible for selection as one of three candidates to receive 12 months of incubation support (valued at EUR 62,000 each) as part of the E-GNSS Accelerator programme, co-financed by the European Commission.




There are thousands of ways to use satellite navigation in everyday life – what’s yours?



    The 2018 Terms of Participation will be published in due time.

    Here you can download the 2017 Terms of Participation.


    Content of Terms as of 30.06.2017


    Organiser of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 is Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.


    With the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017, the organiser intends to gather ideas / solutions for commercial applications of satellite navigation and promote individual ideas by offering prizes.


    Enterprises, scientific institutions, and individuals of legal adult age are entitled to participate in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017.


    You are requested to electronically submit your contributions from April 1st, 2017 until midday (11:59 a.m. CEST) on June 30th, 2017 09:00 am (CEST) on July 10th 2017 (extended). Please refer to the procedure described below.


    The competition will be organised and carried out exclusively in English via a secure online ideas database accessible at www.esnc.eu. Registration is required at www.esnc.eu to create a user account, which may then be used to submit innovative business ideas to any of the regional and special prizes. When creating an account, participants will be asked to provide contact details, which the Organiser will use to inform them of all matters related to the European Satellite Navigation Competition as well as any other matter which the Organiser may deem relevant for a participant of the innovation competition. Once registration has been finished, participants will receive a confirmation link to log in. Participants will be asked to choose an account password that will allow to temporarily save and process the content for the idea submission on the server until it has the desired form.

    After logging in, you must select a region for your idea / solution; that region’s expert team will review your idea. As such, the regions available for selection are stated at: www.region.esnc.eu

    New regions may be added during the competition runtime. Any additional region will be announced on the competition website www.esnc.eu. The list of regions stated on the website always reflects the most current status.

    Participants in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 also have the option of competing for special prizes sponsored by institutional, industry and research partners. After logging in, you can decide whether you would like to also enter your idea / solution for one of these prizes awarded by the companies / institutions as stated on the competition website under www.specialprizes.esnc.eu. These prizes will be awarded independently of participation in a partner region of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017. Each of these partner organisations will have their own expert team to evaluate the ideas / solutions submitted for one of these prizes.

    Details on the objectives and prizes on offer can be found on the competition website. Any participant wishing to compete for one of the special prizes can indicate as such when registering for the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 by choosing from the dropdown menu in the online database. Choosing none of the options will automatically be taken as an indication of non-participation.

    You may enter more than one idea using the same personal account (= different new solutions), but you are not allowed to enter the same idea in different regions or for different special prizes.

    During the competition, the regional organisers and special prize sponsors may contact you anonymously. This means your contact data will not be revealed. The purpose of them having the possibility to contact you, is to assist and support you with your participation. Your contact data will only be revealed when you answer such a request or after the finalists and winners have been selected.

    You must submit your idea and fill out the mandatory data and fields in the database no later than midday (11:59 a.m. CEST) on 30th June, 2017 09:00 am (CEST) on July 10th, 2017 (extended). Only those ideas / solutions that contain all the mandatory information will be considered. Your idea / solution will then be submitted to the expert panel of your chosen region and to the expert panel of the respective special prize sponsor. All experts assigned with the evaluation of the submitted ideas must commit to a non-disclosure agreement before the ideas are put forward for evaluation. This non-disclosure agreement will be concluded between Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen and each of the experts.

    The evaluation of the ideas is an anonymous process. Each idea will receive its own identification number. During the evaluation process, the experts are only able to see this ID. However, some regions or special prize sponsors may invite a small number of finalists to deliver a personal pitch. If you are invited to present your idea to the experts personally, your identity will obviously be disclosed. However, at this stage you will already be nominated as a finalist.

    With your participation, you agree that your contact details will be passed on to the regional partner of the region in which you have registered your idea and, if chosen, to the respective special prize sponsor after the database has been closed and the winners have been chosen. That partner / sponsor may contact you to determine whether you are interested in moving forward with your idea.


    The regional expert teams will select, at their discretion, one winning idea for each participating region. From these regional winners and the special prize winners, under the supervision of a legal counsel, an international expert team will select the Overall Winner 2017. The Organiser and the Partners shall assume no liability whatsoever for the outcome of the selection process.

    The ceremony for the Overall Winner 2017, the regional winners, and the special prize winners will take place in autumn 2017 (exact date and place tbd). In addition, each panel of experts may nominate up to five runners-up.

    More detailed information on the Overall Prize will be announced on the competition website www.esnc.eu at a later stage.


    We have taken measures in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 to ensure the confidentiality of your transmitted idea / solution. The transmitted ideas / solutions and the saved treatment statuses will be protected against any access by unauthorised third parties. The personnel and experts charged with carrying out the competition are committed to treating all matters confidentially.

    During the awards ceremony, the awarded ideas / solutions will also be made public along with the prize winners.

    By participating in this competition, each participant agrees that the Organiser may use the name, address, comments, likeness, photos (incl. photos taken of the winner at the ESNC Awards Ceremony), and a description of the idea, if the participant accepts any prize, in publicity or advertising concerning this competition or otherwise in any medium now known or hereafter devised (including the internet or other interactive networks) at any place and time without further compensation or right of review and agrees to waive his / her rights with respect to such publicity and advertising.

    Once an idea / solution has been publicly recognised, Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen takes no further responsibility regarding the further cooperation of the respective winner with any of the prize sponsors, regional management organisations or members of the expert panels. This also includes cases in which no cooperation between a winner and the respective prize sponsor or regional management organisation materialises despite the award.


    The rights you hold pertaining to your idea / solution will remain with you. Whether you realise your ideas by yourself or with a partner selected by you is left to your discretion. Through participation in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017, you will not acquire any rights to the idea. We strongly recommend that you discuss the protection of your idea / solution with the management team of the region for which you intend to submit your idea / solution, as they should have access to experts experienced in this field (e.g. patent agents, lawyers). You may protect your idea by applying for a patent, utility model, or another form of protection right.

    Prior to your participation in the competition, you should notify your employer of your idea if you have developed it in or in connection with your employment. Through your participation in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2017 and / or the publication of the idea / solution during the awards ceremony, any protection of your idea (if not previously protected by a patent) may be rendered void or otherwise lost. Your idea may become common property. We strongly recommend that you sufficiently protect your idea. Despite all our efforts to keep your idea / information confidential prior to its publication, you understand and acknowledge that neither the Organiser nor the Partners assume any liability for any damage resulting from your idea / information becoming public.

    In participating, you affirm that you are the sole owner of all rights pertaining to the idea submitted and that your participation will not violate the rights of any third party. Should any third-party rights nonetheless come to light, you further affirm that Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen will not be made liable for any amount of resulting damages / claims.


    The award decisions will not be subject to dispute in a court of law. Decisions of the experts of the competition are final and binding for all participants in all aspects of the competition. Participants have no right to a statement of the experts’ decisions.

    Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen takes no responsibility regarding the provision of the prizes offered by any of the special prize sponsors or regional management organisations. This also includes the payment of cash awards or the conduction of in-kind services. The fulfilment of the services offered is the sole responsibility of the respective special prize sponsor or regional management organisation.

    Each winner is responsible for all federal, state, local, provisional and other taxes.

    The Organiser reserves the right to modify these terms, including any of the deadlines set forth herein, at any time.

    Participation in this competition shall be governed by German law. Place of jurisdiction shall be Munich, Germany.


    For information on the competition please visit: www.esnc.eu

    If you have any further questions please inquire at support@esnc.eu or refer to your region’s main contact point.


    All complete entries are assessed by the expert panels of the respective Regional and Special Prize challenges. All experts assigned to evaluate the submitted ideas have to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to gain access to the proposals

    The Overall Winner of the ESNC is selected from among all the Regional and Special Prize winners by an international panel of high-ranking experts. The Overall Winner is selected in a secret vote and revealed at the annual Awards Ceremony.

    The experts are asked to assess the ideas based mainly on the following criteria:

    • Potential benefit(s) of the idea
    • Innovation level
    • Significance of the use of GNSS in realising the idea
    • Technological feasibility
    • Availability of a prototype
    • Chances of becoming a commercial success
    • Investment potential
    • Time it would take to implement (time to market)
    • Legal risks
    • Advantage(s) compared to other existing/conventional solutions
    • Patent eligibility

    The protection of Intellectual Property (IP) has our top priority.

    Therefore, we have taken measures to ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted entries and protect IP against any access by unauthorised third parties. Nobody receives any rights on the submitted ideas. All IP always remains with the idea holder. The personnel and experts charged with carrying out the competition are committed to treating all matters confidentially and must accept a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) before getting access to the proposals.


We offer you a dedicated helpdesk covering all sorts of queries. Our service staff are the primary point of contact for participants of the ESNC. So if you have any question about the competition please get in touch through the below contact point:

E-mail: support@esnc.eu

Support is provided in English and German.