Boost your idea to the next level thanks to great prizes worth more than EUR 1 Mio sounds great, right? But a great idea is not enough, you also need to deliver the perfect pitch!

Here we can definitely recommend you to attend the free ESNC 2018 webinars, providing very useful insights for your business and for your participation in the competition.

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Last year, participants had the chance to get first-hand information and stand out from their competitors with these webinars:

WEBINAR #1: How to benefit from Europe’s major space competitions 
Get involved and determine the great opportunities offered by Europe’s leading space innovation competitions – the ESNC and the Copernicus Masters. Obtain an overview of the competitions and learn about all the benefits (e.g. the prizes, the business acceleration, the publicity, the network). Get inspired by successful previous entrants and get first-hand information from an experienced international player. Make yourself familiar with the application process and discover how to achieve the maximum benefit.

WEBINAR #2: How to prepare the perfect business case 
To learn more about what you need to know to build a compelling business case for the competition and to advance your idea and business, join us for our live webinar. You will understand how to show a clear thinking on the business, and how to demonstrate there is a commercial opportunity for your application. Get insightful advices on how to present evidence of progress and how to prove that your idea will get off the ground. The reasons and benefits of your project may seem perfectly obvious to you, but to stakeholders and other decision makers it may not be the case. Don´t lose the opportunity to make your project standout from the crowd.

WEBINAR #3: How to fund your business idea
Get involved and determine the answer to the question “How do I find the money to start/grow my business?”. Obtain an overview on how the different kinds of crowdfunding (reward-based, equity-based, lending) work, what crowd investors expect from a company and what a start-up gains from engaging with the crowd. Get insightful advices from the expert in Crowdfunding with Venture Capital experience about working with different investor groups such as business angels, VC and the crowd and how to combine these into a suitable funding mix for your company. Managing investor expectations and alignment of interest among different investor groups will be featured. Join our webinar for maximum benefit to your business.

WEBINAR #4: How to deliver the perfect pitch
“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Nowhere is this more crucial than for individuals pitching an idea whose success often depends on how the message is delivered in few minutes. Do you want to learn how to make the perfect pitch, in a way that your audience is able to understand your idea and your vision with clarity? Benefit from a dedicated webinar on how to make an impact by being succinct, interesting and memorable!