The Awards Ceremony on 7 Nov ‘17 in line with the 4th Satellite Masters Conference was the festive highlight of the European Space Week in Tallinn, Estonia.


This year’s winners were awarded at the Joint Awards Ceremony of the ESNC and the Copernicus Masters on 7 November 2017. In line with the 4th Satellite Masters Conference, the event was the crowning glory of the European Space Week in Tallinn, Estonia.


Discover the ESNC 2017 winners

  • ESNC Awards Ceremony

    Each autumn, the global satellite navigation community gets together to celebrate the most outstanding commercial space applications based on GNSS at the festive Awards Ceremony of the ESNC.

    The Awards Ceremony of Europe’s largest innovation competition for commercial space applications based on satellite navigation, the ESNC, brought together the most important players from the realms of industry, politics, entrepreneurship and research to showcase the most outstanding space applications and discuss trendsetting developments in the satellite downstream sector and its various application fields.

  • Satellite Masters Conference

    The Satellite Masters Conference has become an important gathering place for industries, scientists, and startups involved in the commercial use of satellite navigation and Earth observation.

    The 2017 winners of the ESNC and Copernicus Masters will have the chance to present their ideas to the international satellite navigation and Earth observation community and discuss innovations in space-based technologies and services with those in attendance. The 4th conference initiated by AZO takes place on 7 – 9 November 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia together with the Horizon 2020 Info Day providing first-hand information content from European key stakeholders in the space sector.

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